Unified Planning Work Program

The UPWP is prepared annually by RTC serving as the MPO for Clark County and RTPO for Clark County, Skamania County and Klickitat County. Development of a UPWP is required under federal law as part of a coordinated regional transportation planning process and is a requirement for continued receipt of federal transportation funds to the region. In TMAs, such as Clark County, the UPWP must include a description of the planning priorities facing the metropolitan planning area and describe metropolitan transportation planning activities anticipated for the next one or two year period (23 CFR, §450.308).

Revenue sources to carry out the metropolitan transportation planning process are documented in the UPWP with local funds and state funds used to provide required match for federal funds. As has been the experience in recent years, funding levels are subject to change during the course of the year due to federal and state funding decisions and rescissions.

UPWP Adoption Process

The UPWP is developed annually through RTAC, is reviewed by FHWA, FTA, and WSDOT (Olympia Headquarters and Southwest Region) officials. Because Clark County is part of a bi-state region, the UPWP must be developed in coordination with Metro to satisfy federal requirements. The UPWP is brought to the RTC Board of Directors for adoption. During the course of the fiscal year, the Work Program may be amended to keep it current.

Draft FY 2024 UPWP Available for Comment

A draft of the Fiscal Year 2024 UPWP is now available for public review. The FY 2024 draft UPWP was reviewed by FHWA, FTA and WSDOT staff in mid-March and by the RTC Board of Directors at its April 4 meeting. The schedule for FY 2024 UPWP adoption calls for bringing a final draft back to the RTC Board to request adoption at the May 2, 2023 meeting.

Draft FY 2024 UPWP, 1.31MB April 2023

Current UPWP

The Fiscal Year 2023 UPWP, covering the period from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, was adopted by the RTC Board of Directors at its May 3, 2022, meeting. Prior to adoption, the draft UPWP was reviewed by FHWA, FTA, and WSDOT staff in early-March 2022, was made available for public comment, and a draft was reviewed by the RTC Board of Directors at its April 5, 2022 meeting.

FY 2023 UPWP Amendments

Changes to the adopted UPWP can be made during the year by amendments adopted by the RTC Board. The following amendments have been made to the FY 2023 UPWP:

Transportation Data Study, 354KB July 2022