Regional Signal Timing Plans

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL) established the Carbon Reduction Program (CRP), a new regionally competitive grant program managed by RTC. The CRP authorizes grant funding for projects designed to reduce transportation emissions. RTC was awarded funds to develop signal timing to improve traffic flow, safety, and air quality in the Clark county urban area. RTC in coordination with local agencies in Clark County, Washington and our consultant will develop regional signal timing plans along major corridors in Clark County.

Major tasks include prioritize corridors; review/update traffic signal timings; deploy signal timings, and produce reports. The process includes collecting data for the corridor, conducting model development/analysis, drafting timing plans, developing final timing plans, implementing the signal timing plans through participating local agencies, and reviewing and adjusting the signal timing plans.

To prioritize the corridors, a screening criteria/process was developed, which includes evaluation criteria such as mobility, safety, delay, transit utilization, and travel time reliability.

Corridors being evaluated and prioritized include congestion management corridors.

The following corridor performance measures and criteria weighting factors were quantified and evaluated for each of the corridors considered in this process:

The VAST Steering Committee prioritized the CMP corridors using the performance metrics and weighting factors mentioned above. The results from their prioritization can be found on the table below.

Once corridors have been prioritized, corridor signal plans will be developed and implemented in priority order. It is anticipated that signals timing plans will be developed for about 2/3 of the corridors prioritized. Plans will be developed in order of priority. However, signal timing plans for corridors with current or upcoming construction will be moved to the next year to ensure that the data captured depicts the most accurate existing conditions.

Results will be reported to regional stakeholders and the public to keep them informed about the project’s progress.

Regional Signal Timing Plans Schedule