Regional Transportation Plan

Clark County, 2018 Update

The 2018 RTP update will take the 2014 current Plan as its basis and will add and refresh information and data as we work to identify transportation needs for the next 20 years. The update will be guided by the RTC’s Board of Directors with input from transportation experts, planners and the public.

The RTP update is expected to focus on the following themes:

  • Existing transportation system performance and forecast future performance to horizon year 2040
  • Changing demographics and lifestyles
  • System preservation and maintenance
  • Safety and security
  • Freight mobility
  • Transportation and economic development
  • Access to essential services
  • Transportation system management and operations
  • Transportation demand management
  • Transportation system design; designing for complete streets where applicable.
  • Active transportation (pedestrian, bicycle, safe routes to school, access to transit)

A particular focus of the 2018 RTP update will be on transportation system performance as the Plan will be the first to incorporate Performance Based Planning and Programming required by the federal transportation act, MAP-21, and continued with the current federal transportation act, the FAST Act. Performance based planning can lead to better informed decision making when considering how to program limited investment dollars into transportation projects and programs to keep our region moving.

With the updated Plan horizon year of 2040, we will be challenged to consider emerging technology and how it will affect how we get around in 20 years’ time. Evolving information technologies and introduction of autonomous vehicles are poised to have profound impacts on our future trip making.

Let us know what you think: There will be opportunities for your input and participation during the Plan update process. These will range from posting your comments at any time through the electronic comment card (see right panel), providing testimony to the RTC Board at monthly Board meetings, to a public survey to be fielded later this year.

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