Transportation Alternatives: Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat Counties

Screening Requirements

Following application submissions, RTC staff will do an initial screening of the applications to insure they meet these criteria:

  • Project must be consistent with the RTP
  • Project must contain at least one eligible Transportation Alternatives Category
  • Must have a direct relationship to the surface transportation system (except trails)
  • Funds cannot be used to supplement the construction of an existing project. For example, TA funds cannot be used to pay for the sidewalk portion on an existing road project.
  • Project must be open for public access

Project Selection

RTC staff will form a TA Project Evaluation Team of five people to evaluate and rank projects. The evaluation team could be made of staff or citizens drawn from RTC, WSDOT, C-TRAN, SW Washington Healthy Living Collaborative, Clark County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, etc.

Projects will be evaluated and ranked by the TA Project Evaluation Team. The evaluation team ranking will then be taken to RTAC to recommend a list of project for selection by the RTC Board. The RTC Board will make final selection. Along with this selection process a local public involvement process will be included to inform the selection process.

Evaluation Criteria

The following is a general list of project evaluation criteria and points available. Detailed TA criteria can be downloaded here, or in the sidebar throughout this section.

  • Public Benefit, 25 Points
  • Connectivity, 20 Points
  • Accessibility/Equity, 10 Points
  • Safety, 20 Points
  • Financial Support and Project Readiness, 15 Points
  • Other, 10 Points


As part of the application process, local agencies will be required to include a reasonable timeline for the implementation of preliminary engineering (PE), right of way (RW), and construction (CN). It will be essential for agencies to obligate project phases on time according to the identified timeline and RTC Project Delay Policy.