Transportation Alternatives Projects

2019 Proposals

RTC will seek input from the public on projects being considered for funding through the federal Transportation Alternatives program within Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat counties. The public comment and review period is scheduled for May 7 through May 21, 2019. Public comments will be accepted using the contact comment link in the right sidebar on this page or by directly contacting RTC.

The following list includes projects submitted to RTC for consideration, arranged alphabetically by jurisdiction. Eligible projects include bicycle and pedestrian facilities, safe routes for non-drivers, rails-to-trails, scenic viewpoints, community improvements, and environmental mitigation.

2019 Applications

Clark County/Vancouver – NE 68th Street Sidewalk
This project will construct a continuous sidewalk along the south side of NE 68th Street, between Highway 99 and NE St. Johns Road. This project includes enhanced crossings at four key locations to allow access to trip generators on the north side of the roadway.
Clark County – NE Hazel Dell Avenue Sidewalk Improvements
This project will improve pedestrian and bicycle movements on Hazel Dell Avenue from NE 99th Street to 117th. Improvements include building missing and damaged sidewalk segments, curb ramps, bike lanes, and relocating a mid-block pedestrian crossing.
Klickitat County – Ball Field Road Sidewalk Project
This project will construct a sidewalk in the community of Klickitat adjacent to Ball Field Road. The project will include grade separated sidewalk, curb ramps, lighting, and benches.
Ridgefield – Gee Creek Trail Connector Project
This project will construct a gravel trail connecting to segments of the existing Gee Creek Trail; Abrams Park segment to the North and the Hillhurst neighborhood segment to the south. The project will include the addition of a crosswalk over Pioneer Street.
Stevenson – 1st Street Pedestrian Amenities & Overlook Project
This project will make crosswalk improvements, add sidewalks, add pedestrian safety enhancements, and construct a pedestrian overlook of the Columbia River Gorge.
Stevenson – Del Ray Pedestrian Improvement Project
This project will fill an important gap in Stevenson’s pedestrian network and will serve Stevenson Elementary School. The project will construct sidewalk and curb, asphalt pathway, and add crosswalk improvements.
Vancouver – NW Neighborhood Connectivity Improvements
This project will construct sidewalks, pathway, marked crossings, curb extension, and flashing beacons to improve pedestrian safety in the Northwest Neighborhood and enhance access to Franklin Elementary School.

Selection Ranking

On July 2, 2019, the RTC Board of Directors selected 3 projects to receive approximately $2.35 million in regionally allocated federal TA funds. These projects will be programmed in years 2019-2022.

Rank Project Agency Award
1 1st Street Pedestrian Amenities & Overlook City of Stevenson $575,400
2 NE 68th Street Sidewalk Clark County/Vancouver $1,700,000
3 NE Hazel Dell Avenue Sidewalk Clark County $79,600
4 NW Neighborhood Connectivity City of Vancouver $0
5 Ballfield Road, SR-142 to River Rd. Klickitat County $0
6 Gee Creek Trail Connector Project City of Ridgefield $0
7 Del Ray Pedestrian Improvement City of Stevenson $0
Total     $2,355,000

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