Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

StakeholderRoleRole StatusElement
City of CamasOwnsExistingCity of Camas Field Equipment
City of VancouverOwnsPlannedCity of Vancouver Asset Management
OwnsFutureCity of Vancouver CV RSE
OwnsFutureCity of Vancouver EV Charging Station
OwnsExistingCity of Vancouver Field Equipment
OwnsExistingCity of Vancouver Field Maintenance Equipment
 ExistingCity of Vancouver Field Personnel
OwnsExistingCity of Vancouver Loc and Time Data Source
OwnsExistingCity of Vancouver Maintenance System
OwnsExistingCity of Vancouver Maintenance Vehicle
OwnsExistingCity of Vancouver Managed Parking Facilities
OwnsExistingCity of Vancouver Parking Management
OwnsFutureCity of Vancouver Parking Payment Clearinghouse
OwnsFutureCity of Vancouver Payment Administration
OwnsPlannedCity of Vancouver Personnel Device
OwnsExistingCity of Vancouver Traffic Management Center
Clark County Public WorksOwnsPlannedClark County Asset Management
OwnsPlannedClark County CV Data Distribution System
OwnsPlannedClark County CV Map Update System
OwnsExistingClark County CV RSE
OwnsPlannedClark County CV Service Monitor System
OwnsExistingClark County CV Test Vehicle
OwnsExistingClark County Data Archive Servers
OwnsExistingClark County EV Charging Station
OwnsExistingClark County Field Equipment
OwnsExistingClark County Field Maintenance Equipment
 ExistingClark County Field Personnel
OwnsExistingClark County Loc and Time Data Source
OwnsExistingClark County Maintenance Center
OwnsExistingClark County Maintenance Vehicle
OwnsFutureClark County Managed Parking Facilities
OwnsFutureClark County Parking Management
OwnsFutureClark County Payment Administration
OwnsPlannedClark County Personnel Device
OwnsExistingClark County Traffic Operations Center
Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA)OwnsExistingCRESA Emergency Operations Center
C–TRANOwnsFutureC–TRAN EV Charging Station
OwnsExistingC–TRAN Loc and Time Data Source
OwnsExistingC–TRAN Managed Parking Facilities
OwnsExistingC–TRAN Paratransit Vehicle
OwnsExistingC–TRAN Parking Management
OwnsExistingC–TRAN Payment Administration
OwnsExistingC–TRAN Security Monitoring Equipment
OwnsExistingC–TRAN Transit Operations Center
OwnsExistingC–TRAN Transit Vehicles
OwnsExistingC–TRAN Traveler Information Systems
OwnsExistingC–TRAN Traveler Support Equipment
 ExistingC–TRAN Vehicle Operator
Federal AgenciesOwnsExistingAlerting and Advisory Systems
OwnsExistingFederal Emergency Management Agencies
OwnsExistingFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Joint Traffic Operations PartnersOwnsPlannedFuture Joint Operations ICM System
OwnsFutureFuture Regional CV Data Distribution System
OwnsFutureFuture Regional Data Lake
OwnsPlannedSWR Joint Operations Center
Local Care OrganizationsOwnsExistingLocal Care Facilities
Local Emergency Responders ExistingLocal Emergency Responder Personnel
OwnsExistingLocal Emergency Responder Personnel Device
OwnsExistingLocal Emergency Responder Vehicles
OwnsExistingOther Local Emergency Response
Local MediaOwnsExistingMedia
Local Transit AgenciesOwnsPlannedLocal Transit Agencies
OwnsExistingOther Transit Agency Traveler Information Systems
OwnsExistingOther Transit Operations Center
OwnsExistingOther Transit Vehicles
Local Transportation AgenciesOwnsExistingLocal Agency Roadside Equipment
OwnsExistingLocal Maintenance and Construction
OwnsExistingOther Local Roadside Equipment
Motor CarriersOwnsPlannedMotor Carrier Driver ID Card
OwnsExistingMotor Carrier Fleet and Freight Management
OwnsExistingMotor Carrier Freight Equipment
 ExistingMotor Carrier Vehicle Drivers
OwnsExistingMotor Carrier Vehicles
National Weather ServiceOwnsExistingWeather Services
ODOT Region 1OwnsExistingMultimodal Crossings
OwnsExistingODOT Region 1 TMOC
Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)OwnsExistingODOT Tolling Administration
OwnsExistingODOT Traveler Information (TripCheck)
OwnsExistingOther State CV Administration
Other 3rd–party information service providersOwnsExisting3rd–Party Data Distributors
OwnsPlanned3rd–Party Data Sources
Other State CMV AdministrationOwnsExistingOther State CMV Administration
Other State RUC AdministratorOwnsFutureFuture Other State RUC Admin Center
Port of VancouverOwnsExistingPort of Vancouver Terminal
Portland State UniversityOwnsExistingPORTAL
RailroadsOwnsExistingRail Operators
OwnsExistingRailroad Wayside Equipment
Special Event PromotersOwnsExistingEvent Promoter System
TNC/Shared Use Transportation ProvidersOwnsFutureShared Use Vehicle
OwnsFutureTNC Management and Dispatch System
Transit AppOwnsExistingTransit App Transit Information System
TravelersOwnsExistingBasic Vehicle
OwnsPlannedConnected Vehicle
OwnsFutureOther CVs
OwnsExistingPotential Obstacles (Environment)
OwnsExistingRoadway (Environment)
OwnsPlannedTraveler Payment Card
OwnsPlannedTraveler Personal Information Device
OwnsExistingVehicle (Environment)
OwnsExistingVulnerable Road User (Environment)
TriMetOwnsExistingTriMet Transit Operations Center
Washington State Department of LicensingOwnsExistingDMV
Washington State Emergency ManagementOwnsExistingWashington Emergency Operations Center
Washington State Patrol (WSP)OwnsExistingWashington State Patrol (WSP) Operations Center
OwnsExistingWashington State Patrol Personnel Device
 ExistingWashington State Patrol Response Personnel
OwnsExistingWashington State Patrol Vehicles
Washington State RUC Administrator (conceptual)OwnsFutureFuture Washington State RUC Admin Center
WSDOT CVISN ProgramOwnsExistingWSDOT CVISN CommVeh Administration
OwnsPlannedWSDOT CVISN Electronic Screening Equipment
WSDOT HeadquartersOwnsPlannedWSDOT Archived Data Warehouse
OwnsExistingWSDOT Emergency Transportation Coordination Center (ETCC)
OwnsPlannedWSDOT Fare Payment Clearinghouse
OwnsPlannedWSDOT Toll Collection Equipment
OwnsPlannedWSDOT Tolling Administration
OwnsFutureWSDOT Traffic Code Center (Conceptual)
OwnsExistingWSDOT Traveler Information
WSDOT Other RegionsOwnsPlannedRegional CV Data Distribution System
OwnsExistingWSDOT Other Regions TMCs
WSDOT Southwest Region (SWR)OwnsPlannedWSDOT SWR CV Map Update System
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR CV Service Monitor System
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR EV Charging Station
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Field Equipment
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Field Maintenance Equipment
 ExistingWSDOT SWR Field Personnel
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Incident Reponse Vehicles
 ExistingWSDOT SWR Incident Response Personnel
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Incident Response Personnel Device
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Incident Response Team
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Infrastructure and Facilities Security Monitoring
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Loc and Time Data
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Maintenance and Asset Mgmt
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Managed Parking Facilities
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Parking Management
OwnsFutureWSDOT SWR Payment Administration
OwnsPlannedWSDOT SWR Personnel Device
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Regional Incident Response Vehicles
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Regional Video Distribution System
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR ROADS Traveler Info System
OwnsExistingWSDOT SWR Traffic Management Center