Service Packages

One of the first steps in developing an architecture is to identify the transportation services that are important to the Region. The following table lists each service package and its applicability to the Region. More information about each service package can be obtained by selecting the service package in the table below.

Service PackageService Package NameStatus
CVO02Freight AdministrationExisting
CVO03Electronic ClearanceExisting
CVO04CV Administrative ProcessesExisting
CVO06Freight Signal Priority (City of Vancouver)Planned
Freight Signal Priority (Clark County)Planned
Freight Signal Priority (WSDOT)Planned
CVO07Roadside CVO SafetyFuture
CVO08Smart Roadside and Virtual WIMFuture
CVO09Freight–Specific Dynamic Travel PlanningFuture
CVO10Road Weather Information for Freight CarriersFuture
CVO11Freight Drayage OptimizationFuture
CVO12HAZMAT ManagementFuture
CVO13Roadside HAZMAT Security Detection and MitigationFuture
CVO14CV Driver Security AuthenticationFuture
CVO15Fleet and Freight SecurityFuture
DM01ITS Data WarehouseExisting
ITS Data Warehouse (Clark County Data Lake)Planned
DM02Performance MonitoringPlanned
MC01Maintenance and Construction Vehicle and Equipment Tracking (City of Vancouver)Existing
Maintenance and Construction Vehicle and Equipment Tracking (Clark County)Existing
Maintenance and Construction Vehicle and Equipment Tracking (WSDOT SWR)Existing
MC02Maintenance and Construction Vehicle Maintenance (City of Vancouver)Existing
Maintenance and Construction Vehicle Maintenance (Clark County)Existing
Maintenance and Construction Vehicle Maintenance (WSDOT SWR)Existing
MC03Roadway Automated Treatment (City of Vancouver)Future
Roadway Automated Treatment (Clark County)Future
Roadway Automated Treatment (WSDOT SWR)Future
MC04Winter Maintenance (City of Vancouver)Existing
Winter Maintenance (Clark County)Existing
Winter Maintenance (WSDOT SWR)Existing
MC05Roadway Maintenance and Construction (City of Vancouver)Existing
Roadway Maintenance and Construction (Clark County)Existing
Roadway Maintenance and Construction (WSDOT SWR)Existing
MC06Work Zone Management (City of Vancouver)Existing
Work Zone Management (Clark County)Existing
Work Zone Management (WSDOT SWR)Existing
MC07Work Zone Safety Monitoring (City of Vancouver)Future
Work Zone Safety Monitoring (Clark County)Future
Work Zone Safety Monitoring (WSDOT SWR)Future
MC08Maintenance and Construction Activity Coordination (City of Vancouver)Existing
Maintenance and Construction Activity Coordination (Clark County)Existing
Maintenance and Construction Activity Coordination (WSDOT SWR)Existing
MC09Infrastructure Monitoring (City of Vancouver)Future
Infrastructure Monitoring (Clark County)Future
Infrastructure Monitoring (WSDOT SWR)Future
MC10Asset Tracking (City of Vancouver)Planned
Asset Tracking (Clark County)Planned
Asset Tracking (WSDOT SWR)Planned
PM01Parking Space Management (City of Vancouver)Future
Parking Space Management (WSDOT SWR)Future
PM02Smart Park and Ride System (C–TRAN)Future
PM03Parking Electronic Payment (City of Vancouver)Future
Parking Electronic Payment (WSDOT SWR)Future
PM04Regional Parking Management (City of Vancouver)Future
Regional Parking Management (C–TRAN)Future
Regional Parking Management (WSDOT SWR)Future
PS01Emergency Call–Taking and Dispatch (Local Emergency Responders)Existing
Emergency Call–Taking and Dispatch (WSDOT SWR IRT)Existing
Emergency Call–Taking and Dispatch (WSP)Existing
PS02Emergency Response (Local Emergency Responders)Existing
Emergency Response (WSDOT SWR IRT)Existing
Emergency Response (WSP)Existing
PS03Emergency Vehicle Preemption (City of Vancouver)Existing
Emergency Vehicle Preemption (Clark County)Existing
Emergency Vehicle Preemption (WSDOT SWR)Existing
PS04Mayday NotificationFuture
PS05Vehicle Emergency ResponseFuture
PS06Incident Scene Pre–Arrival Staging Guidance for Emergency RespondersExisting
PS08Roadway Service PatrolsExisting
PS09Transportation Infrastructure Protection (City of Vancouver)Existing
Transportation Infrastructure Protection (Clark County)Existing
Transportation Infrastructure Protection (WSDOT)Existing
PS10Wide–Area AlertExisting
PS13Evacuation and Reentry ManagementExisting
PT01Transit Vehicle TrackingExisting
PT02Transit Fixed–Route OperationsExisting
PT03Dynamic Transit OperationsFuture
PT04Transit Fare Collection ManagementExisting
PT05Transit SecurityFuture
PT06Transit Fleet ManagementExisting
PT07Transit Passenger CountingExisting
PT08Transit Traveler InformationExisting
PT09Transit Signal Priority (City of Vancouver)Existing
Transit Signal Priority (Clark County)Existing
Transit Signal Priority (WSDOT SWR)Existing
PT11Transit Pedestrian IndicationFuture
PT13Vehicle Turning Right in Front of a Transit VehicleFuture
PT14Multi–modal CoordinationPlanned
ST04Roadside Lighting (City of Vancouver)Future
ST05Electric Charging Stations Management (City of Vancouver)Future
Electric Charging Stations Management (Clark County)Future
Electric Charging Stations Management (C–TRAN)Future
Electric Charging Stations Management (WSDOT SWR)Planned
SU01Connected Vehicle System Monitoring and Management (Clark County)Future
Connected Vehicle System Monitoring and Management (WSDOT SWR)Future
SU03Data Distribution (Clark County)Future
Data Distribution (WSDOT SWR)Future
SU04Map Management (Clark County)Future
Map Management (WSDOT SWR)Future
TI01Broadcast Traveler InformationExisting
TI02Personalized Traveler InformationExisting
TI06Dynamic Ridesharing and Shared Use Transportation (C–TRAN)Future
TI07In–Vehicle Signage (Clark County)Future
In–Vehicle Signage (WSDOT SWR)Future
TM01Infrastructure–Based Traffic Surveillance (City of Vancouver)Existing
Infrastructure–Based Traffic Surveillance (Clark County)Existing
Infrastructure–Based Traffic Surveillance (WSDOT SWR)Existing
TM02Vehicle–Based Traffic Surveillance (Clark County)Future
Vehicle–Based Traffic Surveillance (WSDOT)Planned
TM03Traffic Signal Control (City of Vancouver)Existing
Traffic Signal Control (Clark County)Existing
Traffic Signal Control (WSDOT SWR)Existing
Traffic Signal Control (WSDOT SWR–Camas)Planned
TM04Connected Vehicle Traffic Signal System (Clark County)Future
Connected Vehicle Traffic Signal System (WSDOT SWR)Future
TM05Traffic MeteringExisting
TM06Traffic Information DisseminationExisting
TM07Regional Traffic Management (Joint Operations)Planned
TM08Traffic Incident Management System (City of Vancouver)Existing
Traffic Incident Management System (Clark County)Existing
Traffic Incident Management System (WSDOT SWR)Existing
TM09Integrated Decision Support and Demand ManagementPlanned
TM10Electronic Toll CollectionFuture
TM11Road Use ChargingFuture
TM12Dynamic Roadway Warning (City of Vancouver)Future
Dynamic Roadway Warning (Clark County)Future
Dynamic Roadway Warning (WSDOT SWR)Planned
TM13Standard Railroad Grade Crossing (City of Vancouver)Existing
Standard Railroad Grade Crossing (Clark County)Existing
Standard Railroad Grade Crossing (WSDOT SWR)Existing
TM15Railroad Operations Coordination (City of Vancouver)Future
Railroad Operations Coordination (Clark County)Future
Railroad Operations Coordination (WSDOT SWR)Future
TM16Reversible Lane Management (Clark County)Future
Reversible Lane Management (WSDOT SWR)Future
TM17Speed Warning and Enforcement (City of Vancouver)Future
Speed Warning and Enforcement (WSDOT SWR)Existing
TM19Roadway Closure Management (WSDOT SWR)Future
TM20Variable Speed Limits (WSDOT SWR)Existing
TM21Speed Harmonization (WSDOT SWR)Future
TM22Dynamic Lane Management and Shoulder Use (City of Vancouver)Future
Dynamic Lane Management and Shoulder Use (WSDOT SWR)Planned
TM25Wrong Way Vehicle Detection and Warning (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS02V2V Basic SafetyFuture
VS03Situational Awareness (Clark County)Future
Situational Awareness (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS04V2V Special Vehicle Alert (Clark County)Future
V2V Special Vehicle Alert (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS05Curve Speed Warning (Clark County)Future
Curve Speed Warning (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS06Stop Sign Gap Assist (Clark County)Future
Stop Sign Gap Assist (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS07Road Weather Motorist Alert and Warning (Clark County)Future
Road Weather Motorist Alert and Warning (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS08Queue Warning (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS09Reduced Speed Zone Warning / Lane Closure (City of Vancouver)Future
Reduced Speed Zone Warning / Lane Closure (Clark County)Future
Reduced Speed Zone Warning / Lane Closure (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS10Restricted Lane Warnings (Clark County)Future
Restricted Lane Warnings (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS11Oversize Vehicle Warning (City of Vancouver)Future
Oversize Vehicle Warning (Clark County)Future
Oversize Vehicle Warning (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS12Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety (City of Vancouver)Future
Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety (Clark County)Future
Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS13Intersection Safety Warning and Collision Avoidance (City of Vancouver)Future
Intersection Safety Warning and Collision Avoidance (Clark County)Future
Intersection Safety Warning and Collision Avoidance (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS15Infrastructure Enhanced Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (Clark County)Future
Infrastructure Enhanced Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (WSDOT SWR)Future
VS17Traffic Code Dissemination (Clark County)Future
Traffic Code Dissemination (WSDOT SWR)Future
WX01Weather Data Collection (Clark County)Existing
Weather Data Collection (WSDOT SWR)Existing
WX02Weather Information Processing and Distribution (Clark County)Existing
Weather Information Processing and Distribution (WSDOT SWR)Existing
WX03Spot Weather Impact Warning (Clark County)Future
Spot Weather Impact Warning (WSDOT SWR)Future