Interface: City of Vancouver Personnel Device - City of Vancouver Maintenance Vehicle

City of Vancouver Personnel Device to City of Vancouver Maintenance Vehicle Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

asset locations  (Future)  

Aggregate collected data including identified assets and their locations.

personnel location  (Future)  

The current location (latitude, longitude, and elevation) reported by the personnel device.

personnel safety warning  (Future)  

Safety alerts and warnings provided to a personnel device. The provided information would identify safety threats (e.g., vehicle encroachment into a work area, personnel infringement into a travel lane)

remote vehicle control commands  (Future)  

Commands provided to control an unmanned vehicle's location and motion and it's application specific capabilities (e.g., environmental monitoring, asset tracking, mowing, lane striping,)

remote vehicle status  (Future)  

Current status provided back from a remotely controlled vehicle including operational status (e.g., battery/fuel status), location, heading, and current actuator/control status.