Interface: Connected Vehicle - Future Washington State RUC Admin Center

Connected Vehicle to Future Washington State RUC Admin Center Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

actuate secure payment  (Future)  

Initiation of a payment action based on an encrypted token or biometric marker.

registered secureIDs  (Future)  

Cryptographically protected identifier indicating that the user associated with the identifier is entitled to use a particular service.

road pricing equipment status  (Future)  

Provides an indication of the operational status of the road pricing data collection equipment in a vehicle. Also indicates vehicle ID (VIN) so that the registration of the equipment to a specific vehicle can be verified and confirmed by comparison with vehicle characteristics.

road use charges  (Future)  

Road use charges per link.

road use history  (Future)  

A vehicle's road use history that records where the vehicle has traveled over time. Optionally includes vehicle speeds as well as distance traveled for some applications. Information is accurate enough to distinguish between adjacent roads, adjacent lanes, and identify direction of travel on the roads.

user account setup  (Future)  

Billing information, vehicle information (or registration information), and requests for reports. Also includes subsequent account changes.

vehicle payment information  (Future)  

Information provided for payment of tolls, parking, and other transportation fees including identification that can be used to identify the payment account or source and related vehicle and service information that are used to determine the type and price of service requested. This flow supports one–time payments that may not be associated with a service account. See also 'actuate secure payment'. The information exchange normally supports an account debit to pay fees, but an account credit may be initiated where pricing strategies include incentives.

vehicle payment update  (Future)  

Data written to vehicle equipment to support electronic toll collection or parking payment.