Interface: Connected Vehicle - Local Emergency Responder Vehicles

Connected Vehicle to Local Emergency Responder Vehicles Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

special vehicle alert  (Planned)  

Notification that a vehicle is in the vicinity that requires special attention from drivers. In this context, 'special vehicle' refers to any type of vehicle that uses lights or placards to alert drivers including public safety vehicles, oversize vehicles, slow vehicles, and service vehicles that stop and back up frequently.

vehicle collision information  (Future)  

The current status of the vehicle systems following a collision including air bag deployment, number of passengers, seat belt usage, sensor data that indicates crash severity (e.g., Delta V speed profile during the crash, vehicle damage, number of impacts), and vehicle type/make/model.

vehicle location and motion  (Planned)  

Data describing the vehicle's location in three dimensions, heading, speed, acceleration, braking status, and size.

vehicle signage data  (Planned)  

In–vehicle signing data that augments regulatory, warning, and informational road signs and signals. The information provided would include static sign information (e.g., stop, curve warning, guide signs, service signs, and directional signs) and dynamic information (e.g., local traffic and road conditions, lane restrictions, work zones, detours, closures, advisories, and warnings).