Interface: C-TRAN Transit Vehicles - C-TRAN Traveler Information Systems

C-TRAN Transit Vehicles to C-TRAN Traveler Information Systems Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

demand response passenger and use data  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Data collected on board a demand response vehicle relating to the picking up and discharging of passengers.

fare management information  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Transit fare information and transaction data used to manage transit fare processing.

restricted lanes information  (Planned)  

This flow defines the location, duration, and operating parameters for lanes that are reserved for the exclusive use of certain types of vehicles (e.g., transit vehicles) or vehicles that meet other qualifications (e.g., number of occupants, low emissions criteria). It identifies the lane(s), the start and stop locations, start and end times, vehicle restrictions, speed limits and platooning parameters.

transit schedule information  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Current and projected transit schedule information used to initialize the transit vehicle with a vehicle assignment, monitor schedule performance, and develop corrective actions on–board.

transit vehicle loading data  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Data collected on board the transit vehicle relating to passenger boarding and alighting.

transit vehicle operator information  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Transit service instructions, wide area alerts, traffic information, road conditions, and other information for both transit and paratransit operators.

transit vehicle schedule performance  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Estimated times of arrival and anticipated schedule deviations reported by a transit vehicle.