Interface: C-TRAN Transit Operations Center - City of Vancouver Traffic Management Center

C-TRAN Transit Operations Center to City of Vancouver Traffic Management Center Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

demand responsive transit plan  (Planned)  

Plan regarding overall demand responsive transit schedules and deployment.

demand responsive transit request  (Planned)  

Request for paratransit support.

intersection status  (Future)  

Current signal phase and timing information for all lanes at a signalized intersection. This flow identifies active lanes and lanes that are being stopped and specifies the length of time that the current state will persist for each lane. It also identifies signal priority and preemption status and pedestrian crossing status information where applicable.

shared use status  (Planned)  

Status of usage by shared use providers. Includes asset inventory and status. Could also include information on specific travelers to support multimodal trip planning.

traffic control priority request  (Future)  

Request for signal priority at one or more intersections along a particular route.

traffic control priority status  (Future)  

Status of signal priority request functions at the roadside (e.g., enabled or disabled).

transit system data  (Planned)  

Current transit system operations information indicating current transit routes and fares, the level of service on each route, and the progress of individual vehicles along their routes for use in forecasting demand and estimating current transportation network performance.