Interface: C-TRAN Transit Operations Center - C-TRAN Traveler Information Systems

C-TRAN Transit Operations Center to C-TRAN Traveler Information Systems Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

demand responsive transit plan  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Plan regarding overall demand responsive transit schedules and deployment.

demand responsive transit request  (Existing)  

Request for paratransit support.

emergency transit schedule information  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Information on transit schedule and service changes that adapt the service to better meet needs of responders and the general public in an emergency situation, including special service schedules supporting evacuation.

emergency traveler information  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Public notification of an emergency such as a natural or man–made disaster, civil emergency, or child abduction. This flow also includes evacuation information including evacuation instructions, evacuation zones, recommended evacuation times, tailored evacuation routes and destinations, traffic and road conditions along the evacuation routes, traveler services and shelter information, and reentry times and instructions.

transit and fare schedules  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Transit service information including routes, schedules, and fare information. This also includes on–demand service information.

transit fare coordination  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Fare and pricing information shared between local/regional transit organizations.

transit fare information  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Information provided by transit management that supports fare payment transactions.

transit fare request  (Existing)  

Request for fare information and transit fare payment.

transit probe data  (Existing)  

Aggregate probe data derived from tracking transit vehicles. Data collected could include transit vehicle speeds and travel times for a given link or collection of links.

transit schedule adherence information  (Existing)  

Dynamic transit schedule adherence and transit vehicle location information.

transit service coordination  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Schedule coordination or AVL information shared between local/regional transit organizations. This includes coordination of connections and control parameters between transit properties as well as coordination of transit–related maintenance activities.

transit service information  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Transit service information including routes, schedules, and fare information as well as dynamic transit schedule adherence and transit vehicle location information.

transit traveler information coordination  (Future)  Selected Comm Solution

Transit schedules, real–time arrival information, fare schedules, and general transit service information shared between transit organizations to support transit traveler information systems.

trip confirmation  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Acknowledgement by the driver/traveler of acceptance of a trip plan with associated personal and payment information required to confirm reservations. Conversely, this flow may also reject the proposed trip plan. Confirmations include the selected route and subsequent trip confirmation messages will be issued for route changes.