Interface: C-TRAN Transit Operations Center - TNC Management and Dispatch System

C-TRAN Transit Operations Center to TNC Management and Dispatch System Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

demand responsive transit plan  (Future)  

Plan regarding overall demand responsive transit schedules and deployment.

demand responsive transit request  (Future)  

Request for paratransit support.

shared use status  (Future)  

Status of usage by shared use providers. Includes asset inventory and status. Could also include information on specific travelers to support multimodal trip planning.

transit and fare schedules  (Future)  

Transit service information including routes, schedules, and fare information. This also includes on–demand service information.

transit schedule adherence information  (Future)  

Dynamic transit schedule adherence and transit vehicle location information.

trip confirmation  (Future)  

Acknowledgement by the driver/traveler of acceptance of a trip plan with associated personal and payment information required to confirm reservations. Conversely, this flow may also reject the proposed trip plan. Confirmations include the selected route and subsequent trip confirmation messages will be issued for route changes.