Interface: C-TRAN Transit Operations Center - C-TRAN Traveler Support Equipment

C-TRAN Transit Operations Center to C-TRAN Traveler Support Equipment Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

alarm acknowledge  (Future)  

Confirmation that alarm was received, instructions and additional information for the alarm initiator, and requests for additional information.

alarm notification  (Future)  

Notification of activation of an audible or silent alarm by a traveler in a public area or by a transit vehicle operator using an on–board device.

authorization request  (Future)  

Request to determine if a transportation user is authorized to use a particular transportation resource.

authorization response  (Future)  

Notification of status of authorization request.

broadcast traveler information  (Planned)  

General traveler information that contains traffic and road conditions, link travel times, incidents, advisories, restrictions, work zones, transit service information, weather information, parking information, and other related traveler information.

emergency traveler information  (Planned)  

Public notification of an emergency such as a natural or man–made disaster, civil emergency, or child abduction. This flow also includes evacuation information including evacuation instructions, evacuation zones, recommended evacuation times, tailored evacuation routes and destinations, traffic and road conditions along the evacuation routes, traveler services and shelter information, and reentry times and instructions.

fare collection data  (Future)  

Fare collection information including the summary of fare system data and financial payment transaction data.

fare management information  (Future)  

Transit fare information and transaction data used to manage transit fare processing.

shared use confirmation  (Future)  

Confirmation that traveler is going to use the shared use asset now or at a future time.

shared use request  (Future)  

Request for shared use asset (e.g., car or bicycle) now or as a reservation for future use.

shared use response  (Future)  

Response from shared use provider regarding availability of the shared use asset now or in the future. Includes any payment requirements.

transit stop passenger status  (Future)  

The number of passengers waiting at a PT stop with optional route and destination information for waiting passengers to allow current demand at each stop to be monitored and factored into current transit service operations and transit performance monitoring. The stop identity is included.

transit traveler information  (Future)  

Transit information prepared to support transit users and other travelers. It contains transit schedules, real–time arrival information, fare schedules, alerts and advisories, and general transit service information.

transit traveler request  (Planned)  

Request by a Transit traveler to summon assistance, request transit information, or request any other transit services.

trip confirmation  (Future)  

Acknowledgement by the driver/traveler of acceptance of a trip plan with associated personal and payment information required to confirm reservations. Conversely, this flow may also reject the proposed trip plan. Confirmations include the selected route and subsequent trip confirmation messages will be issued for route changes.

trip plan  (Future)  

A travel itinerary identifying a route and associated traveler information and instructions identifying recommended modes and transfer information, ride sharing options, and transit and parking reservation information. This flow also includes intermediate information that is provided as the trip plan is interactively created, including identification of alternatives, requests for additional information.

trip request  (Future)  

Request for trip planning services that identifies the trip origin, destination(s), timing, preferences, and constraints. The request may also include the requestor's location or a request for transit and parking reservations and ridesharing options associated with the trip. The trip request also covers requests to revise a previously planned trip and interim updates that are provided as the trip is interactively planned.