Interface: Motor Carrier Fleet and Freight Management - Port of Vancouver Terminal

Motor Carrier Fleet and Freight Management to Port of Vancouver Terminal Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

booking status  (Future)  

Status of the freight transport booking that includes the identities of the Commercial Vehicle and driver who will pick–up the freight or a request for more information from the originator. This includes proposed transport booking changes including departure/arrival changes, conveyance changes.

container delivery confirmation  (Future)  

Notice confirming the arrival and transfer of control of a container at a container handling facility, for example an intermodal terminal.

container delivery request  (Future)  

Request for permission to deliver a container to an intermodal facility.

container pickup confirmation  (Future)  

Notice confirming that a container has been picked up at an intermodal facility and that control has been transferred to a shipping or drayage agency.

container pickup request  (Future)  

Request for permission to pickup a container at an intermodal transfer facility.

freight transportation status  (Existing)  

A time–stamped status of a freight shipment as it passes through the supply chain from manufacturer through arrival at its final destination; including cargo movement logs, routing information, and cargo ID's. This includes cargo status, current operation, information on incidents associated with the cargo, and identification of delays/penalties.

intermodal terminal status  (Future)  

Current status of the intermodal terminal including the current queue length/delay, current access requirements and restrictions (e.g., access restricted to appointments only).

terminal reservation  (Future)  

A reservation for container pick–up/drop–off at an intermodal terminal.

terminal reservation request  (Future)  

Request for a reservation to pick–up/drop–off containers. The request would define the pick–up/drop–off and identify an acceptable time window