Interface: WSDOT CVISN CommVeh Administration - Motor Carrier Vehicles

WSDOT CVISN CommVeh Administration to Motor Carrier Vehicles Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

driver log  (Existing)  

A daily log showing hours in service for the current driver. The query flow is not explicitly shown.

on-board safety data  (Future)  

Safety data measured by on–board sensors. Includes information about the vehicle, vehicle components, cargo, and driver. The query flow is not explicitly shown.

safety inspection record  (Existing)  

Record containing results of commercial vehicle safety inspection.

trigger area notification  (Future)  

Notification to activate wireless roadside inspection safety data message collection.

unique identifiers  (Future)  

Unique identifiers for the motor carrier, driver, and vehicle. This flow identifies the driver actually operating the vehicle in multi–driver scenarios.