Interface: WSDOT SWR Maintenance and Asset Mgmt - WSDOT SWR ROADS Traveler Info System

WSDOT SWR Maintenance and Asset Mgmt to WSDOT SWR ROADS Traveler Info System Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

current infrastructure restrictions  (Existing)  

Restrictions levied on transportation asset usage based on infrastructure design, surveys, tests, or analyses. This includes standard facility design height, width, and weight restrictions, special restrictions such as spring weight restrictions, and temporary facility restrictions that are imposed during maintenance and construction.

maint and constr work plans  (Existing)  

Future construction and maintenance work schedules and activities including anticipated closures with anticipated impact to the roadway, alternate routes, anticipated delays, closure times, and durations.

roadway maintenance status  (Planned)  

Summary of maintenance fleet operations affecting the road network. This includes the status of winter maintenance (snow plow schedule and current status).