Interface: Washington State Patrol (WSP) Operations Center - WSDOT CVISN Electronic Screening Equipment

Washington State Patrol (WSP) Operations Center to WSDOT CVISN Electronic Screening Equipment Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

commercial vehicle incident notification  (Future)  

Information about a Commercial Vehicle or Freight Equipment breach, non–permitted security sensitive hazmat detected at the roadside, route deviation, or Commercial Vehicle Driver / Commercial Vehicle / Freight Equipment assignment mismatches which includes the location of the Commercial Vehicle and appropriate identities. May carry information that enables incident reporting to responders, and also includes the type of vehicle and cargo concerned.

commercial vehicle violation notification  (Existing)  

Notification of a violation. The violation notification flow describes the statute or regulation that was violated and how it was violated (e. g., overweight on specific axle by xxx pounds or which brake was out of adjustment and how far out of adjustment it was). A violation differs from a citation because it is not adjudicated by the courts. It specifically includes the date/time and location of the violation and identification of the vehicle, driver, and associated equipment/cargo.

information on violators  (Existing)  

Information on violators provided by a law enforcement agency. May include information about commercial vehicle violations or other kinds of violations associated with the particular entity. The information may be provided as a response to a real–time query or proactively by the source. The query flow is not explicitly shown.