Interface: City of Vancouver Managed Parking Facilities - City of Vancouver Parking Management

City of Vancouver Managed Parking Facilities to City of Vancouver Parking Management Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

authorization request  (Future)  

Request to determine if a transportation user is authorized to use a particular transportation resource.

authorization response  (Future)  

Notification of status of authorization request.

parking area information  (Future)  

Current status for the parking area. This includes information on general parking area status (operating hours, open entrances and exits, entrance queue status, parking operator information, current parking occupancy and availability).

parking area management information  (Future)  

Parameters that support management of a parking area. Hours of operation, parking rules and regulations, parking operator (attendant) information, etc.

parking payment instructions  (Future)  

Information provided to configure and support parking payment operations including pricing information, user account information, and operational parameters used to control equipment that controls access, collects payment, and detects and processes violations.

parking payment transactions  (Future)  

Detailed list of parking payment transactions including violations. Each transaction includes the date/time, vehicle/customer, and transaction amount. Additional information is included to support delayed payment and violation processing.