Interface: WSDOT SWR Regional Incident Response Vehicles - WSDOT SWR Traffic Management Center

WSDOT SWR Regional Incident Response Vehicles to WSDOT SWR Traffic Management Center Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

emergency vehicle tracking data  (Existing)  

The current location and operating status of the emergency vehicle.

intersection status  (Planned)  

Current signal phase and timing information for all lanes at a signalized intersection. This flow identifies active lanes and lanes that are being stopped and specifies the length of time that the current state will persist for each lane. It also identifies signal priority and preemption status and pedestrian crossing status information where applicable.

service patrol dispatch request  (Existing)  

Service patrol dispatch instructions including incident location and available information concerning the incident.

service patrol dispatch response  (Existing)  

Request for additional dispatch information and provision of en route status.

service patrol incident status  (Existing)  

Information gathered at the incident site by a service patrol vehicle that more completely characterizes the incident, the services provided, and clearance status.